My Joyful Reader Course

I created my first online course, “Joyful Reader: Teach Your Child to Read the Finnish Way,” for teachers and parents of 4- to 7-year-old children.

In 2020, the Joyful Reader sold out in 4 hours. The good news is that the course is open for enrollment again!

Hear how my students have benefited from the course:

“The Joyful Reader is exactly that! JOYFUL. I love how Tim incorporates so many great ideas to teach reading in a truly joyful, playful, and connecting manner. As a former public educator and most recently as a home-school mom, there are so many strategies that would work in whatever way you find yourself teaching! I appreciate the demonstration videos that helped me see Tim putting the 5 daily routines into practice. My son enjoyed- and learned a lot- from the Hale’s Tale app. I would highly recommend this reading program to anyone wishing to teach reading in a more authentic and enjoyable way. Tim not only tells but SHOWS how this is possible.” – Angelene Seamons (UT, USA)

​“This program is by far the most fun for teaching my child how to read.” -Michelle Merritt (NV, USA)

​“I feel really lucky to have found this course.” -Katie Fogle (WA, USA)

To sign up for the Joyful Reader, click HERE!

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